Welcome to my web gallery.

I am an amateur landscape photographer living in Ireland's northwest. I have enjoyed taking photographs of Great Britain and Ireland for more than 20 years. Recently, I have been finding my inspiration in the beautiful countryside and coastline of counties Antrim, Derry and Donegal.

The wild Atlantic coast, with its constantly changing weather, is a subject which I particularly enjoy. I can be photographing dark storm clouds over gray seas one minute and golden sands under a blue sky the next. No part of these isles is truly wild. However, the scenery of Britain and Ireland makes a perfect canvas for the constantly changing light.

Over time, I have directed my work away from the traditional postcard vista to try to get a more intimate feel for some of the quieter places. I hope that you enjoy my efforts and spend some time browsing through my projects, galleries and written articles.

I'll finish with some words which have inspired my own journey in photography.

Thanks for visiting.
Andy McInroy

To the primal wonders no road can ever lead;
they are not so won.
To know them you shall leave road and roof behind;
you shall go light and spare.
You shall win them yourself, in sweat, sun, laughter,
in dust and rain, with only a few companions.
You shall see storms arise,
and, drenched and deafened, shall exult in them.
You shall top a rise and behold creation.
And you shall need the tongues of angels to tell
what you have seen.

Nancy Newhall

I should paint my own places best